January 14, 2014

I have been thinking about the punishment that Christ endured for my sake.  He was physically abused by the Temple guards when He was questioned by the Sanhedrin.  He was then handed over to the Romans, who scourged, slapped, punched, ripped chunks of His beard from His face, and verbally abused Him the whole time.  Herod treated Him as a traveling showman by whom he was to be entertained.  Christ was then marched through the streets of Jerusalem bearing the crossbeam of the cross, where the crowd added their own abuse to His humiliation.  He was stripped, nailed and raised up on the cross without any kind of concern for His discomfort.

And then there was the cross itself.  God poured out His wrath, and kept piling His wrath on His Son for six hours.  But the most unbearable part had to be when His Father turned away and removed His Presence from His Son.  That was the only part of the punishment that Christ took upon Himself that caused Him to cry out to His Father.  He suffered through all the punishment of cumulative sin of the world, my sin, and never complained or cried out in anguish.  He who knew no sin took upon Himself all of our sin.

Through this sacrifice we were saved, and the preaching of the Apostles established the Church, His Bride.  He bestowed on us the Holy Spirit so we can be closer to Him and have fellowship with Them.

Where is my eternal gratitude?  Where is the complete derision of myself because I am unworthy of such a gift?  Where is my unabashed joy?  Where is my utter bafflement at what He’s done, doing and will continue doing because He loved me, and wanted me to be a part of His Kingdom?  Where is my silence and obedience because I act as if I am able to earn a speck of eternity?  Where is my undying, ongoing, never ceasing praise?  I have no answer.

The most incredible aspect of all this (and the Puritans understood this which is what started me thinking about this) the Triune God did not have to do it.  God could have turned away after Adam sinned and left us to the consequences of that sin.  With such loyalty from the eternal God, who knows everything about me, and His desire to commune with me in His Kingdom, why am I not loyal to Him and why do I play the harlot with the things of this temporal world?

Oh Father, I am so unworthy and undeserving of what You have provided for me.  I prove it everyday.  Thank You for sanctifying me through the Christ’s blood, and eternal life through His resurrection.  Help my unbelief.

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