January 12, 2015

I remember as a child I would lie to my parents when I did something wrong.  I would never admit I did something, anything, that upset them.  I did a lot of horrible things that still haunt me today.  And I know that if it had happened to me, I would have been livid.  For example, as a six or seven year old, I found my parents records in the attic.  I didn’t know what they were but what did know was that it was a lot of fun smashing them into pieces.  That still bothers me today.  I don’t think it will stop bothering me until I say something to them.  I don’t even remember them asking who did it.  I know I would have waterboarded all of the kids until I found out.

I still do it today.  I still try to hide my sin from God.  I spend time figuring out how I don’t have to confess it or convincing myself that I really didn’t sin.  Or I don’t believe that what I did was so bad and that I don’t need to confess it.  What I do most often is use the excuse that God already knows that I sinned and since He already knows I don’t need to formally confess my sin, repent and seek forgiveness.  But I do.

Sin not confessed before God is like a toothache.  At first it can be ignored and you can hope that it will go away but it never does.  You may not feel it at first but the infection will build and it will eventually swell against your nerve, causing unbearable pain.  And then you have to do the one thing you don’t to do, go to the dentist.  Now the chair may be comfortable but no one is ever comfortable in a dentist chair, especially when there is a painful tooth involved.  At this point, you don’t have a choice.  You have to submit to the drill of the dentist so the pain can stop.  There are times when it is a little fix and there are times when full root canal and crown must be done.

It is no different with sin.  I remember crying crocodile tears trying to convince my parents that I was not the one who did what was done.  It worked with them (sometimes) but not with God.  I have to confess my sin if I am to feel right before Him again.  Sin cannot exist in my relationship with anyone, especially with my Heavenly Father.  But admitting I did something wrong is more painful than a toothache.  I must confess my sin if I want to right and whole again.  I must place my hardened heart on the altar and ask for forgiveness if I want to experience His grace and love fully again, because He is faithful to forgive when we are faithful to confess and repent.

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