January 10, 2015

I have to take issue with a song I have just listened to recently, although it has been around for several years.  It talks about a Christian’s role regarding peace and war.  The song talks about loving my enemies, even in war, because they are a lost sinner like me.  The song writer implies that we should be peaceful regardless of the situation, and that if we agree in principle that war is necessary then we are going against a commandment of God, thus sinning.  That is not necessarily true.

We are to love our enemies and pray for them, and repay evil with good in order to heap burning coals on their head.  I believe the statement regarding loving our enemies is meant to be understood on an individual basis. This does not apply to a government and its army.  We are to try diplomacy as far as it will go before we react with military action.  We cannot take the army from a single unit of many people and individualize it.  It does not work that way.  Jesus understood this when He said there would be wars and rumors of wars leading up to the time of His Return.

In the secular sense, the United States would not be a nation if our forefathers did not fight against the British.  The Germans could have taken over Europe, twice, if not for the resistance of the Allies. Kuwait would not be free. Iraq and Afghanistan would still be producing terrorists to attack Americans and our allies.  The problem with war today is there is too much political consideration when military actions are considered.  This is what prolongs the war.

In the biblical sense, Jesus did not tell the Centurion to retire from the Roman army after he healed his servant.  John the Baptist did not tell the soldiers to resign from the Roman army.  Paul did not tell the prison guard to resign from his duty either.  Don’t forget all the battles in the Old Testament because God did not fight all of them.  What is forgotten is the that we are all evil, not good.  There will be others who will take advantage of those who don’t fight.  Turning the other cheek works on an individual level, but on a larger scale it behooves people to fight against those who want to dominate others.

Some are called to a life of peace and serving others, while some are called to combat those who embrace their sin and desire to use greater force to impose their will.  God used armies to bring judgment on civilizations, including His chosen people, Israel.  Peace will never come until the Prince of Peace makes His Return.

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