January 1, 2015

New Year’s day, the day when we put our best lies, I mean our best intentions to improve one self in the coming year.  Of course, I will share my list with anyone who reads this.

  1. I will scratch the inside of my nose less often.  This will be difficult since I work in an environment with a lot of paper dust, which creates a lot of boogers, but I will give my best effort.
  2. I will be more cordial and friendly.  It’s not that I am a jerk, I just don’t go out of my way to make small talk.  I am not always comfortable with it but I also just simply am not in the mood for it.  I need to be more approachable.
  3. I need to content with what I receive and possess and content with what I don’t receive and possess.  This is another hard one.  I was raised in an environment which taught me to be envious, jealous and bitter about people who experience more success than I do.  I need to accept what my Lord gives and be genuinely happy for others’ success.
  4. I will rely on Jesus to enable and empower me to live more like Him, and endeavor to be more like Christ.  Simply put, Romans 12: 1-2.
  5. I will love my wife, children and extended family and church family more than I love myself.  Another difficult one.  I am a really selfish person.  Surrendering and submitting to Christ is one thing, but to others is something else entirely harder.

Ok, I came up with five.  I am sure there are more but I need to take baby steps.

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