I’m not sure about all this doctrine in the Catholic church about the pope and College of Bishops being able to make infallible declarations.  I don’t think it is possible for a fallen man to make infallible statements regarding anything.  Consider the last infallible declaration made in 1950.  The pope declared that the Assumption of Mary was an infallible doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.  What that essentially means is that Mary went up to heaven in much the same way as Jesus or Elijah, minus the time on the cross, death and rising from the dead, and a chariot of fire.  Mary didn’t die, she was and then wasn’t.  Pope Pius XII declared this dogma as true doctrine via ex cathedra, making the statement infallible.

So now, any Protestant who disagrees with this statement is in opposition to God because the infallible statement is considered to be a direct communication from God, according to the doctrine of the RCC.  It does not matter that this statement was made by a Catholic to Catholics and those how are similar to them in tradition because they are the only people who hold this view of Mary.  The definition of  infallible sort of renders this statement to be true, regardless of whether it is or not.  Once declared an infallible statement, the statement cannot be considered to be made in error or is untrue.  I guess this means that it now becomes an eternal statement because the only person who is never in error or is ever found to be untrue is God.  If that be so then that is how they claim it can be received directly from God.

I cannot accept the doctrine.  I cannot accept that what someone says infallible, claiming it came directly from God, without any real evidence besides hearsay and legend and myth, has to be accepted at face value.  No one can claim to be infallible and neither can they state that a proclamation is infallible simply because the church they represent says they can.  It opens up the church to a lot of abuses and bad theology.

The gospel is a solid truth held up by insurmountable physical evidence.  It is not based on hearsay or legends.

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