inbred skillsets, part 1

Believe it or not, we all have some skills as lawyers and tax accountants.  These skills have nothing to do the law, either legal matters or corporate, nor do they have anything to do with having advanced math abilities.  We did not even go to college to acquire these skills.  As a matter of fact we were born with these skills.  We all have them and we use them often without even realizing it.  These skills are part of our nature and we use them with ease.  These skills are to give the illusion of reasonable doubt about God’s Law and the work of salvation of the cross through Jesus Christ, finding alleged loopholes in the Law and renaming sin with less abrasive terms so as to not seem like we are as bad as the bible says we are.

We are adept at creating the image of reasonable doubt.  We are able to weave arguments that seem to obscure the black and white of God’s Law.  We pontificate on long-worded arguments that are intentionally abstract and designed to dim the light of God’s truth.  God sees everything in black and white but we try to make it all gray.  And when we try to make it all gray we don’t pull the white to black, we take the black and mix it with the white.  We take the goodness of God, the holiness of God, and put a veil over it.  Just as Moses when he left the tent of meeting veiled his face because his proximity to the holiness of God caused his face to glow.  The Israelites were not blinded by the light so as to not be able to see.  Seeing the reflection of the Holiness of God reminded them of the darkness in their souls, the sin they harbored was exposed upon their conscience and they did not like it.

John alludes to this in his gospel.  He talks about how Jesus, the Word, came into the world.  He quotes Jesus in His conversation with Nicodemus as saying:

19 36And this is the judgment: 37the light has come into the world, and 38people loved the darkness rather than the light because 39their works were evil. × 20 40For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, 41lest his works should be exposed.

Earlier John writes that Jesus came unto His own but His own received Him not. Why? Because our deeds are evil. Just as the Israelites stayed away from Moses after he was in the tent of meeting, we want to veil the light of God’s truth found in His Son Jesus, the Light of the world. So we invent arguments, theories that confuse the doctrines of God. We seek to establish plausible alternate explanations for our existence without the need for God.

This is the skill we all have. Those who do not have the intellect to concoct these elaborate arguments are willing dupes and are eager to believe so they have the false sense of security that are safe from the wrath of the Living God. It is a terrible thing to be at the other end of God’s judgment and wrath.


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