what should Christians do about climate change?

What are we doing as evangelicals? Why are Christian leaders agreeing with the pope about a Christian’s obligation to address the causes and effects of climate change? Why are we calling on government officials to enact legislation that will change our way of life? Why are we willing to sacrifice our freedom for changes that will have a minute impact of reversing climate change? We will be giving the government the green light to create regulations that will hamstring domestic production of goods that have become a necessity of daily life.

It does not matter what we as United States citizens do as a country because the rest of the world will not follow our lead. We will hinder innovation and improvements because we want to cut back on carbon emissions. We will cripple our economy because we think that change will save the planet. We are so caught up in saving the earth that we have become blind and stupid and naïve. The rest of the world will not change because the rest of the world wants to have a successful economy like we have had. Our economy goes up and down but it consistently improves over the long-term.

As Christians, we cannot buy into man being able to fix anything that man has broken. Again, as I stated yesterday, we have to trust in God’s omniscience, omnipotence and that He is omni-sapient. We have to believe that the controls (a term from my occupation) He established were established to handle all of humanity for their entire existence on His creation. There are so many parts of His design that we have not been able to guess as to what their purpose is and what it is designed to do. Why does water become denser when frozen and less dense when hot when every other element does the opposite? Some scientists are guessing that the reason that oceans are salty because that is how God designed the water to be cleansed from all the filth we put into our water supply. Have you ever wondered why our global supply never seems to run out, especially when the earth does not generate any additional water to the existing supply?

Our God is a mighty God who is never out of control of anything that He has set into motion. We must do our part and be good stewards of His creation. We shouldn’t pollute or destroy our natural resources for the sake of the advancement of societal wants. I am not advocating irresponsible behavior for any manufacturer of goods and commodities. I believe we should hold companies accountable for responsible use and removal of their refuse. What I am saying is that we must be careful because we do not want a man-centered ruling body like our government to become overzealous and cripple us. We would be back to the time before the industrial age as far as technology is concerned and only the superrich and powerful would be able afford the luxuries we all enjoy today.

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