i love celebrity pastors!

If these mega-church celebrity pastors are making six figure salaries, then what do the people who attend their church receive in return? I mean it seems all they get in return is the privilege to listen to empty sermons on a weekly basis and to say that they attend a church that pastor so-and-so is the lead pastor.  Oh, what a return on their investment!  They get to say they sit in seat number 6,752 every week at the 10:00am sermon on every Sunday.  Isn’t that wonderful?  They get to sit and listen as the speaker, in all piety, tells the audience how the story of Samson is really about them and their struggle against their critics.

We are moronic and star-struck by the celebrity pastors. We love to listen to them talk about themselves and how we can strive to be just like them.  We can be successful just like they are, driving the nicest and newest cars, live the big fancy home in the gated community, eat in all the best restaurants, stay in the nicest hotels if we just had as much faith as they have.  We could have it all.

Of course they have it all because they have cast their hooks into our wallets and bank accounts. That is where their faith is, in our stupidity and gullibility, in our inherent desire to satisfy the lusts of the flesh and to cash in on a little of our heavenly inheritance while we are still living in the earthly realm.

We can never spend our heavenly inheritance here on earth because it would never manifest itself in a material way. It is chasing after rainbows and searching for that pot o’ gold.

We have to repent and return to the bible. We need to stop listening to people who paraphrase or give a thumbnail sketch of a story because reading the whole text would not jive with their man-centered point.  We need to return to our first love and ignore our ever-present lust of the flesh.

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