Hollywood’s Morality

I am not sure how more television and movies I can watch anymore.  It is becoming increasingly difficult.  I actually enjoy a lot of the shows I watch because I think they are well written and acted.  But the issue is the side stories that bother me.  And it is in these side stories where the real moral teachings of Hollywood are expressed because it is more subtle and less in your face.  The reason is because since it is not part of the main plotline we dismiss it, but it is often the main plotline of the writers.

I was watching a crime/drama show and I have been watching it for several seasons.  I like it but I can’t watch it anymore because one of the side stories is about a young adult male who realizes he is gay.  Everyone accepts it with a shrug of the shoulders and turns back to their deskwork.  Now the storyline has become ongoing in the background, about how this young man is trying to start up relationships, etc., like he would with a female.  Hollywood is telling me that homosexuality is a normal choice like being heterosexual and we should all just accept it.

But I can’t.  Because it goes against what the bible teaches.  Male and female, that they should cleave together and become one flesh and be fruitful and multiply.  Two men or two women cannot become fruitful and multiply without outside help.  If you accept evolution as a reality, it realized that species could not continue without a male and female in each species.  I just cannot accept it as being normal.

I understand that all sinners will not enter into God’s eternal rest, thieves, idol worshipers, adulterers, fornicators, gossips, liars, people who are envious, jealous, schemers of harm, and homosexuals.  But Hollywood is teaching me that only those who steal and kill are bad, all the rest are acceptable.  So I must choose if I want to watch their stuff anymore, and I don’t think I can.

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