Hollywood’s brashness

It seems that Hollywood has moved on in its ongoing indoctrination of the television viewer.  It seems that in most of the new TV shows that are aired they have to throw sexual intercourse and sexuality into our faces.  They must show that the act of sexual intercourse, both heterosexual and homosexual, as being a normal part of everyday life.  They must show as it not being unnatural to jump into bed with someone no matter what sex they happen to be, and it appears they are trying to incorporate it into every show.

It has become almost impossible to watch television.  I was watching a new show, Backstrom, which looked interesting.  I had to stop watching halfway through the second show because the portrayal of  homosexuality as being a possible dalliance for a straight man was ridiculous.  It is was just seemed ludicrous to me that the assumption is that all of the show’s audience is cool with that premise, that Mr. or Miss or Mrs. average has already accepted the possibility and the Hollywood writers treat as a fact.  It is the same tactic used for the theory of evolution.  You keep saying over and over that it a proven fact, a norm, and eventually it becomes so because all those who push it won’t stop saying it is.

And the heterosexual side of the equation is not much better.  Sex is just a natural process, like brushing your teeth or eating a meal or sleeping.  Two people meeting and it is never awkward afterwards.  When a person is offended by the other there is never any backlash like, “I can’t believe is had sex with you” or “It sickens me that we spent the night together”.  Nothing.  They would be more offended if the person belched in their face than they would it they were used by said person for a night of sex.

I’m sure Hollywood believes the scenarios they portray in their scripts are meant to believed to be different facets of love.  It is not anywhere close.  It pure lust and mutual masturbation.  A true sexual experience can only be had when the two people, man and woman, love each other.  Love is not deciding between two women or two men.  Love is not having sex with one person while a relationship in which you are involved is in limbo.  It does not add up when you tell someone you love them and can’t do without them, then have a fight and then pretend it is perfectly okay to hook up with someone in a bar in the in-between time.

I guess I am getting tired of Hollywood telling what passes for love, and that if I do not agree that homosexuality and today’s concept of “free love” then I am not normal.  I am tired of Hollywood telling me that I should envy all those men on TV who are sleeping with a different in every episode.  My flesh would if I did not adhere to the gospel and submit myself to Christ so that I am not being conformed to the way the world thinks.  And I pray that if you are a family member with me in the family of God that you are not falling for the garbage that Hollywood is throwing at us.

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