hell is for real

Dark: (n) the absence of light; darkness. This is the definition I found for “dark”. It is one among many but I think it is the most appropriate. If one is in a dark room or place then it literally means that one is in a place that has no light.

I bring this up because I wanted to discuss death. To be more precise I wanted to discuss eternal death, life spent in hell, because those who do not repent of their sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will spend their eternity in hell suffering the wrath of God for their sins. We repent of our sins, seek the forgiveness of the Father through His Son while we are breathing the air in this life. If a person does do this then said person will find themselves in hell, experiencing the second death.

Now if dark or darkness is the absence of life then one could define death as the absence of life. The definition I found was the end of life in an organism. In reality death, especially the second death, is the absence of life. In this life we breathe, eat, sleep, think, move, react, and have billions of active neurons sending our billions of messages to our bodies in the physical state of life. Death means that that all stops. That’s a physical death.

Unfortunately we are all born spiritually dead. We all sinned in Adam and we inherit Adam’s sinful nature, which now means the spirit we were supposed to inherit instead is dead towards God. We cannot have a spiritual relationship with our Creator because we had sinned against Him through Adam effectively killing our spirit. We were still physically alive and we still have a soul but our soul is corrupted by sin while our physical body decays because of our sin, moving towards physical death.

But that would not be the only death meant for us. We also have to account for our sins which accrued a debt towards the Almighty. We had to pay that debt for breaking His law and violating His holiness. The place we are destined to pay that debt is hell, an eternal second death. Here is where my definition of death, the absence of life, finds its meaning.

God is the giver of life and in Him and through His sovereign will do we receive life. We would not be able to survive if God decided to stop exercising His will by sustaining and maintaining the universe He had created. All life would cease to be. Without Him we would not survive. Even during the seven year tribulation, He allows man to exist and allows them to essentially govern and do as they wish. He lets our sinful nature reign and He lets the evil that results from that lack of His restraint to fester and mature and spread like a cancer, but He never stops exercising His will over the functionality of the universe.

On the cross, Jesus suffered the wrath of His Father for the sins of all mankind throughout the history of his existence. God the Father focused His wrath towards God the Son, pouring it all on Him for our sake. Jesus did not speak out in complaint while enduring that outpouring of that wrath. He suffered in silence. It wasn’t until the sins of the world were upon Him and the Father had turned away because He could not bear the presence of sin with His holiness that Jesus cried out. An eternal relationship, bond, had been severed on the cross and Jesus Christ could not endure the absence of His Father. He died on that cross.

I believe that Jesus endured wrath meant for us but He also endured the second death meant for the elect. Hell is not just a place of torment and suffering in utter darkness. Hell is a place where the presence of God no longer is. He is the Author of life and He is light, no darkness can be found in Him. Hell is going to be one complete darkness and suffering but also the complete removal of God sustaining will. I believe that absence of the presence of God will more unbearable than the pain of the lake of fire for those who are destined for hell.

The absence of God means the absence of light and life. His sovereign will sustains all things and all people. Hell will be a place without God.

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