heath mooneyham the fraud

I cannot believe all the bad teachers that are around today.  Heath Mooneyham is relatively new to the national scene.  He has popped up due to the chosen lifestyle he lives which he believes is not contradictory to the conduct of a pastor.  In the epistles to Timothy and Titus Paul outlines the duties of a pastor and Heath Mooneyham does not fit any of them, not even close.  He abuses alcohol, flirtatious with women who are not his wife, and I do not think he has any clue what the bible is about or could explain sanctification never mind give a sermon.  He is a fraud.

A year ago an online magazine did an article on the renegade or rebellious leader of a growing church.  Two weeks after the reporter spent time following Mooneyham and gathering data for his article, Mooneyham was arrested for a DWI or DUI, depending on what state you live in.  In the article the reporter relates part of his time with Mooneyham at a bar where he “pounded beers with his bros and flirted with the buxom waitresses”.  His molded public image is one who a man who has a set of giant testicles and lives his life stampeding over the Pauline outline of proper characteristics for a pastor and smacking everyone around with him with his giant testicles.  He is a fraud.

I have heard a few of his “sermons” and they are difficult to follow.  He talks like he has marbles in his mouth and that he should be an MC for a WWE or UFC event, not a pastor allegedly preaching from God’s word.  He claims he started his church because he did not want to conform to the standards required to be a pastor.  So he began his own church.  He has not seminary training.  I don’t think he has any kind of educational training in relation to the bible.  It seems he just simply reads it and makes up a message that he thinks sounds good.  He bristles against people who are orthodox in their teaching by calling them judgmental but his sermons are messages that pile on law with no reference point to the gospel.  I am not sure he even knows what the gospel is.  He is a fraud.

He believes he needs to a bad boy.  He believes he needs to drink beer, hang out in bars, oogle women, and sound like and use language that would lead young men to want to be his beer and hunting buddy.  He believes that he has to reach young men by being a person who is like them in every way except that he claims to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  It seems he believes that by making that claim it makes him a Christian and qualifies him to be a pastor.  It seems he believe by inviting people to his church is advancing the kingdom of Christ.  His services seem to be like a club without the beer but I am not sure that that will always be the case.  He has swallowed the church philosophy of megachurch with multiple sites and the idea that increased attendance means that God is with you.  He is a fraud.

I know I have called him a fraud and I will explain.  Part of the article was done at his house.  He is in the process of building a home on a piece of land consisting of 2,000 acres.  He is building a large log home that will have a full-sized working bar with a theater room.  It will essentially be a bachelor pad.  The reason why he is a fraud is that his “congregation” is paying for all of it and providing the labor.  He somehow has convinced himself and those who are assisting him in the building of his house that they are doing the work of God.  They are building Mooneyham his dream home and I do not see the lasting impact it will have on the advancing of the Kingdom of God.  He is exploiting the people he preaches to for his own personal gain.

He is a fraud.

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