heartless tugs on the heart

I have listened to some of these people speak who are part of the seeker-driven movement and Emergent church.  They all sound so earnest as they play their word games.  They apply this tone in their voice as they speak words that are supposed to seem profound but only sound profound because of the inflection in their voice.  They just sound so thoughtful as they philosophize in vagaries and wordy sentences.  Do they ever really get to a point of answering a question directly?

We have become a church who is easily led by our emotions.  We have become dependent on how we feel that we have accustomed to letting our emotions govern our opinions and decisions.  We have lost the ability to think and reason detached from our feelings.  We listen to this liberal church leaders as they speak with a heavy dose of piety dripping from every word which is designed to get the listener to stop listening with their brain and listen with their emotions.   And if they are successful at that they have us.

The Emergent church as lost its momentum because they became too overt in their presentation.  They were too clear in their views in regards to orthodox theology, denying outright central doctrine.  They used a lot of questions to get one to ask those same questions in their mind.  But each question is not a question but a statement.  By posing it as a question they meant to disarm their listeners and get them to think and question essential doctrine.  Does it sound familiar?

What did the serpent do in the garden?  Didn’t he lead Eve along with a few questions followed by a mocking comment at the absurdity of God’s proclamation, “Did God really say that? That isn’t what He meant you silly girl.”  That was followed by telling her that God has something that He doesn’t want to share, not only that, He is terrified of the power you would attain if you ate of that fruit!

The seduction hasn’t changed, only the apparent reward.  You can come to our church, enjoy the rocking music and the part stand-up comic routine and storytime sermon.  Come as you are because God has accepted me he will also accept you, affirm you where you are in your journey and allow you to feel like part of the family.  This is the seeker-driven model.  This is how they present Christianity.  They are not far from the Emergents in their beliefs it’s just that they are more skilled at disguising them.  They slip on occasion when they speak and manage to recover the mask before it falls too far.

It’s all a play on words meant to play on our emotions.  We have lost the skill to use our brains.  If we use our brains and oppose what is wrong in light of the teaching of God’s word then we are often called Pharisees, bigots, ignorant, unloving, legalists, moralists and divisive.  Ee-gads! What terrible people we are for using our brains.  We have to re-train ourselves to listen with our brains and not appeals to the heart.  The church of Christ depends on it.

The seeker-driven model is dangerous.  It is that harmless piece of lettuce on the burger you ate in a Central American restaurant.  You eat lettuce all the time except they washed the lettuce in local water with its local parasites and amoebas that wreak havoc to your gastric system.  I know, I made the mistake and paid for it for almost two weeks.  It must be purged from your body or you will suffer.  We must purge the false teaching and false promises from the pulpit.

This blog seems a little scatter-brained like an Emergent teacher’s monologue but it is the subtlety of the message that appeals to the emotions and bypasses the brain and logic.  We are to worship God in spirit and in truth, our hearts and brains.  Always be soberminded and not drunk on the words of worldly knowledge.

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