Feeling Inadequate

Dear Jesus,

I have been writing this blog for a little over a month now.  Somehow I don’t feel like what I write makes sense, is easy to understand.  Some of what I write seems scatter-brained to me.  I do this because I know it is what I should be doing and must be doing, but I just would like to seem like I am writing stuff that is interesting.  I mean it is difficult to judge because most of the comments are spam comments,  which are annoying don’t mean anything.

And I am tired.  People misunderstand You, Your message, and that You are the only true way to heaven.  Truth is not something that is easily understood nor is something people want to face.  As I write I feel like am confronting a truth I don’t to acknowledge but Your truth is the truth that is relevant.  Please inspire me and encourage me to continue blogging.


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