February 7, 2015

I have heard people reason that it is difficult for them to believe in Jesus because of those who have never heard of Him or His Son Jesus or His plan of salvation.  They throw out the question “what about the savage who lives in a remote tribe in the middle of the jungle?  How is it fair that God would send them to hell if no one ever spoke to them about the gospel?”  From a human perspective it seems like a very logical question and implies that God is not a fair and just God as he claims.  If someone, they reason, has not had the opportunity to know about Jesus then it would be unfair for God to punish them in hell.

However, Paul explains this in Romans.  The handiwork of God is all around us.  The universe with it billions of galaxies with their billions of stars and all the constellations.  It is an evident picture that there must be Someone out there who is much bigger and much greater than me.  Then there is the evidence of nature.  It is a perfect balance of all that we need as humans to survive.  Almost everything found within nature is for our benefit.  Without spiders the world would be overrun with insects.  Probably the same idea applies to snakes and rodents.  Have anyone ever heard of a feral cow?  One cannot observe the natural world around us and not conclude that there is Someone greater than them, even in a remote village in Africa.  Why would there be such a great amount of energy expended to teach that evolution is a fact and creation is a myth?

But we also need to remember that the law of God is now written on our hearts.  We inherently know right from wrong because God has put His standard within our conscience.  It is no longer written on tablets of stone encased with the Ark of the Covenant but it is written on the tablets of men’s and women’s and children’s hearts.  It is no mystery why people do good things.  I believe this is because the law of God is within them and they subconsciously know it, and it drives people to feed the hungry and provide homeless shelters and the like.  The cause of the amount of guilt that people carry with them can be deduced to this fact that it is the law of God and His standard of acceptance outside of Jesus is known to them and they continue to resist.

In the end our perspective will not matter.  We can rant and rave all we want about how God is unfair to remote savage or anyone else who has not had the opportunity to hear the gospel.  Unfortunately, our perspective on how God should do His job is irrelevant.  One of His attributes is that He is all-wise.  He will never make an unjust judgment and we, being created by Him, have no standing to point out an apparent injustice and use it as an excuse to dismiss God’s mercy.  The Righteous Judge, Jesus, will be perfect in all His judgment and who am I to question the Creator of all things seen and unseen.

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