February 3, 2015

What’s the old adage?  Some rules are meant to broken?  Or severely bent at the very least.  Where I work we have a lot of people’s personal information.  So as a result we cannot have our cell phones with us in our work area, or any electronic device that can play music.  On the weekends were able to listen to music but someone got caught using their iPod Touch taking pictures of documents, so now we can’t listen to anything.  Pretty straightforward and no wiggle room.  It’s a hard rule that has serious consequences.

The past few weekends, one person has been using Bluetooth headphones.  Now they can only connect with something that has Bluetooth capabilities, like a phone.  Obviously he didn’t care for the rule because he believes it is a stupid rule so he broke the rule for his own personal benefit.  What made the matter worse is that four managers were in the work area and did say anything to him.  The headphones were black and easily seen, one couldn’t miss them but no one said anything.  I brought it to the attention of the lower ranking manager and he just shrugged.

The same week, one person got caught with his cell phone in the work area while a client was there.  The client did not see but one of the managers did and spoke to him.  He tried to explain to me and two others why he had it in his pocket looking for sympathy and accept his reason and say it was alright, but it wasn’t.  If the client saw it the company would’ve lost the business and a lot of money.  The client would not care what the person’s reason were, their security is much more important to them than the person’s reason.

We want to take rules that are black and white and make them as gray as possible.  That is what happens when black and white are mixed together, you get gray.  We push the limit of the rule and those in position to enforce the rule, and get indignant and angry when they do enforce the rule.  Somehow it is not fair that the management is targeting them to obey the rules, even though the rule is the same for everyone and everyone must be held accountable to that rule in equal measure.  For most rules there is no gray area because there cannot be, or the consequences could be devastating.  Like a sign that says “Do Not Ski Past This Area” because there is a hundred foot cliff into trees.  Ignoring that rule would have dire consequences.

God has given to us a set of His rules.  And the consequences of disobeying His rules are far worse than losing one’s job or some broken bones.  We, as humans, are always pushing back against any authority and any rule they wish to enforce.  We have been doing it since Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden.  They had one rule, one rule only, and they could not even keep that rule.  They had paradise and were able to eat from the Tree of Life but it wasn’t enough.  They had to break the rule because it was there to be broken.

We are so stubborn in our pride that we become immensely stupid and dense.  The Ten Commandments are God’s standards, standards that all of the history of man will be held accountable to.  With God, there are absolutely no gray areas, it is black and white, right or wrong.  So if anyone thinks that while they are breaking the rules here in this lifetime and God is not keeping track because they are not seeing the consequences is going to be shocked when death comes knocking and comes to collect what is owed to God.

There is a way around the Judgment, and that way was provided by God through the death of His Son.  Not only His death, but His resurrection as well.  Jesus is alive today and He is the only way that anyone can escape the consequences of His Father’s wrath.  God is not the forgiving Grandfather like He is portrayed, nor is He the angry God with a chip on His shoulder for all of mankind.  He a Holy God that is loving but His Holiness demands an accounting.  So please remember this as you live this life.  There are eternal consequences to the rules you break.

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