February 28, 2015

The Walking Dead, an unintentional metaphor.  I tried watching the show when it first came on.  I managed to make it through the first five or six episodes and then I had to stop watching.  I thought it was kind of stupid and boring, a zombie apocalypse.  What really turned me off was the main character’s wife had found someone else since she thought her husband was dead or a zombie.  So she found someone else, which is okay, but the way they tell was totally unnecessary as one of the show begins with her and the other man having intercourse.  It could have been expressed differently instead of going for the shock value of a sex scene.  Anyway, I didn’t understand what all the hype was about.

Why do I think it is an unintentional metaphor?  Consider the premise of the story.  A bunch zombies, the walking dead, are animated dead bodies.  They only desire bodies that carry life.  They don’t know that they are dead.  They only care about destroying what is alive and consuming it in their deadness.  Is that what non-believers are?  They are dead in their trespasses and sins but they don’t really know it.  And when they see someone who is alive in Christ they have bring that person down, either by trapping them into the sin they practice or harass and persecute them and hope they cave.  That isn’t all non-believers.  Some want to be alive as Christians are but there are those, people who are not even violently hostile to the gospel, who are not interested and scoff at those who believe.

Then there are those who are alive.  They know they are alive and they know the zombies are dead but somehow are still animated.  They try to fight against them and survive but they seem hopelessly outnumbered.  They keep moving around hoping to find some safe refuge.  They whole time they are fighting against each other.  Instead of joining forces, some live people won’t let others join them in their refuge and will use force to keep them out.  They don’t seem to get along.  Is the church so different with all its denominations?  Are we not spending just as much time debating our differences in theology as we are spreading the gospel?  Have we not walled ourselves in our own little camps of doctrine and have a difficult time venturing out from them, and instead we send those brave enough to become missionaries?

The Walking Dead, an unintentional metaphor of the spiritual dimension of the spiritual world,  Those who are dead in their sin and don’t seem to know it, and those who are alive in Christ and are trying to tell those who are dead that they are dead and they need the gospel and the life the gospel contains and freely gives through the grace and forgiveness of the Father through His Son Jesus.

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