February 27, 2015

This country is on its downward spiral.  We are in a flat spin that I do not think we will be able to recover from.  All instruments have failed and all engines have stalled.  We cannot  execute a successful maneuver to break away from this plunge into terminal mediocrity and ungodliness.  We, as a country, will cease to be what we once were.  We will no longer be a superpower, a nation with influence.  But the wrong way to look at this is to blame the current administration or Congress.  We cannot really blame anyone because when the people calling the shots, the people with the money who are not in the public eye, are able to influence and determine the future of this country then we were lost as a country years ago.

Progressives started to have influence.  I really think we should call them Regressives because any belief that considers man the source of all wisdom in deciding the course of things is on a path of self destruction.  Anything that disguises itself as a compassionate act but in reality is a tool for dependency and control is a regression into the few controlling and profiting off the many.  The moment that the Regressives really established their control was the Scopes/Monkey trial.  It was there in that verdict that man began legislating God from the public sector.

This trial paved the way for prayer being removed from schools.  And from there it just became easier to limit any talk of God and the bible as taboo, a punishable offense, the worst kind of crime against education and government policy making.  When a potential candidate is asked if he believes in evolution and becomes flustered because he is not sure how to answer is a sign.  What does it matter if a presidential candidate believes in evolution or creation?  But that is how it has become.  God is not allowed in any public conversation or to appear to influence a policy maker’s decision.

We have fooled ourselves, as a country, into thinking that we have made all these laws and regulations, “separation of church and state”. that we effectively pushed God aside and have began a godless utopian society where man will prove he no longer needs a God.  Instead we have lit the fuse to the bomb that will implode a nation, and God will still remain on His throne, like he has when Persian and Mede empire collapsed, the Greeks, Romans, name any empire you wish.  God will be reigning when man’s accomplishments amount to his own destruction.

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