February 26, 2015

Whatever happened to Godliness?  Do we seek it as a church today?  Are people really in pursuit of being Godly and seeking to be holy like our Lord and Savior is holy?  Have we set it aside for a more modern approach to evangelize?  Has Godliness become passé and something that only previous generations pursued?  Do we even know what Godliness is anymore?  Has it lost its relevancy?  Has it gone underground because it has been shunned as too puritanical?  Can it be rediscovered in a world that strives to bury it?  Will Godliness find its way back into prominence in the modern church?

It is possible that there are some Godly people in today’s church.  This means people who are the same in their daily lives as they are in church.  It does not necessarily mean that one is Godly if they are seen raising their hands in church, or looking towards heaven when they sing or are smiling and polite on Sundays.  Godliness is a lifestyle, a way of life.  It is waking up in the morning and going to bed at night with Jesus on your mind.  It is seeing people differently, noticing their pain.

I am so far from achieving Godliness.  I have difficulty seeing past myself.  I have trouble focusing when I pray.  I have trouble remaining focused when I worship.  I have trouble letting go of myself and giving it all to Him, especially when I worship.  Godliness is something we should strive for but it is not an easy path to navigate and follow, especially when we are trying to follow our own map.  No manmade compass or mapmaker tools can enable us to find our way.

Godliness seems to be rare in our churches today.  Like I said, being nice and warm and friendly does not make one godly.  Being one of the first to volunteer and give does not make one godly.  I am not sure how to get there but I think I would recognize it if I saw it because someone like that would unwittingly make me feel like I am lacking something, because I am.

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