February 23, 2015

The gospel is not limited to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Passover Lamb, although He is the central focal point.  The gospel is not limited to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  The scope of the gospel is not limited to Paul’s letters or the rest of the New Testament.  The gospel was preached throughout the Old Testament.  Most preaching concerning the gospel is done from the New Testament but the message of the gospel began long before that and man was not the first to preach it.

The first preaching of the gospel was in the Garden of Eden when the Angel of the Lord told Adam and Eve the seed of the woman would birth a Savior who would redeem man from the sin they had just committed and were going to pass down to their offspring.  Adam and Eve believed that the coming of the Redeemer would be soon and waited for Him.  Perhaps they misunderstood the meaning of the seed of a woman because women do not produce the seeds of reproduction, only men.  All the same, the preaching of the gospel was begun by God in the garden.

It was not only the promise of a coming Savior, God also set the precedent for the washing of sins.  He shed the blood of animals to make clothing of skin for Adam and Eve, a symbol of necessity of the blood of animals to cover man’s sin.  And as we see throughout the OT that the blood of animals was not enough.  If it was then the promise of a coming Savior would not have been necessary.  The blood sacrifice of animals was only a temporal covering, a precursor of the eternal sacrifice that would be necessary for forgiveness from an eternal Father.

The gospel began in the garden of Eden.  All the necessary tenets and aspects are there.  The promise of a Savior of all mankind, the devil doing his best to thwart God’s plan by luring man away from God, the resemblance of the sacrifice of someone and the necessity of blood to cleanse away sin, all that is revealed by God in His confrontation with Adam, Eve and Satan in the form of the snake.  The entirety of the bible can be considered a gospel message because it has to do with our Heavenly Father’s eternal love for His creation and constant presence and intervention in the affairs of man to demonstrate His love, culminating in the death of His Son on the cross for the sake of all of humanity’s sin.

The gospel begins in Genesis and will end with the fulfillment of the events in the book of Revelations.  The time to believe the gospel is today because once the clouds unfurl like a parchment it is much too late.

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