February 22, 2015

My church was doing a sermon series title “Come As You Are”.  At some point they decided to take down a tab on their website.  This tab explained what they believed as a church, their core, fundamental beliefs regarding the gospel, and other orthodox beliefs about the bible, God and the like.  They removed it from their website because they did not want people, who were interested in coming to the church, to not come because they did not conform to the beliefs listed on the site.  They did not want anyone to feel intimidated or unwanted at the church because they were not sure what they believed.

I agree with the premise of wanting people to feel welcome.  I agree that the doors of the church should be open to anyone who wanted to attend.  It is all about Jesus and all about bringing people to a repentance and to receive forgiveness for their sins.  We want people to come to believe the gospel and believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  But what happens after that is also important.  They do need to be educated in what it now means to be a part of the body of Christ and the family of God.

Jesus just didn’t die to make our lives more bearable.  He did die for the guilty, the broken, the malcontent, fornicator, homosexual, thief, murderer, liar, the sluggard and depressed.  He did die for people who are in all types of states and stages in their life.  But He also died for the sin that causes all of that.  He died so that we would not need to endure the wrath of His Father.  When He was on the cross he went through everything we should have and some of us will.  But there are other truths about the bible that should be taught as well because they were are important and are part of the gospel as much as the cross is.

The importance of the creation story in Genesis, that all that is recorded in the bible must be viewed as actual, historical events that the hand of God moved through to show His love and power.  There are just so many aspects that need to be taught as fact and as necessary to strengthen a new believer’s faith.  It would be a disservice to allow a new convert to remain ignorant to the truths they should know and to remain in the misconceptions they held before they believed.  I understand the church does not want to turn anyone away because they don’t want to feel pressure to conform, but they also need to be instructed in the truth at some time in order to strengthen their faith in their Savior.

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