February 20, 2015

Listen, this life one pitfall after a dense jungle after a steep mountain.  It is not easy because we are sinners saved by grace living in a fallen world.  We do need pep talks from time to time but we also need to be told the truth about ourselves.  This is world is the way it is because of us.  All of the bad that happens is because of us, and powers and principalities that our sin has enabled to flourish against us.  Our decision to rebel against the Almighty has rendered His creation into decaying mush.  We are lost until He finds us, and that is the first thing we need to hear, and to be reminded of often.

Christ came to die for sinners.  He came to our aid because no one else could.  He died because sin could not persist forever before the Father.  A day of reckoning is coming for those still in their sin but God, in His tender mercy and grace, sent His Son to offer a way of salvation to the whole world and let those who accept this free gift into His future Kingdom.

Our ears want to be tickled with sermons of how good your life can be here, a good job, beautiful dream house, new cars, vacations, all that can be had, if you put your faith into action and God will bless you, and be blissfully unaware of the horrors of society.  We are not to encourage each other with this message.  We have redeemed, our ransom has been paid, and we have been given a new residence.  We are not to ask God to help us establish our kingdom here, and comfort each other with our success calling it “God’s blessings”.  We are to look forward to the coming kingdom of Christ and are to comfort one another as Christians with the knowledge that Christ is coming back to get us and bring us to place that is beyond anything we can build here.

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