February 2, 2015

I read an article the other day and found it a little interesting.  I agreed with it some of the points but the overall argument of the author I did not agree with.  He suggested that one possible reason why people don’t invite people they know to attend their church is because the church demands a lot of their time.  His beef was is that it seems that once a person comes, perhaps commits their life to Jesus (I don’t remember if he specified that aspect), the leadership of the church asks them, or as he put it, guilts them into helping out at the church, like on a cleaning team, as a greeter, whatever.  And it seems too much to ask them to join a small group or go to a mid-week service.

Now I agree that any church shouldn’t demand or guilt anyone into helping around the church.  The church should wait for the Holy Spirit to do His work within that person and lead that person into the area of service that best suits their personality and abilities.  In that aspect we should trust that the Spirit knows better than us how any given person can best serve.  But I do not think it is wrong, at some point, to encourage any new person to become involved in some aspect of the church beyond attending a worship service.

Here is where I disagree.  He thinks we are imposing on them because we are messing up their whole lifestyle.  Church is something new to them and we must understand that they have to ease it into their schedule.  I agree with this as long as it appears that the person seems to have no interest in committing their life to Christ.  But if their conversion is a true conversion, that are now a new person in Christ and it is evident, then it vitally important to get them involved in a small group or an additional study group during the week.  We should not allow them to slip back into their old routine and thus allow them to be stunted in their spiritual growth.

Once a person has turned to Jesus as their Savior, they become a target of attacks from Satan.  Since they have overcome his elaborate scheme of lies he must now discourage that person as they walk the narrow path.  And the old self is wanting to reassert itself and dominate like it once did.  They must be equipped and encouraged so they do not become one of the seeds that did not land in the good soil.  Like Paul said, when the seed is planted it becomes our responsibility to feed that seedling so it can grow, because faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of God.

I believe it is vitally important to involve new Christians in some type of setting where they can ask questions to better their understanding because Sunday morning worship is not always enough for growth, no matter how good the preacher is.

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