February 18, 2015

Why does Paul make a distinction that we are chosen by God, adopted into His family?  We are individually adopted into the family of Christ.  We cannot be born into it because becoming a member of the family of God is not passed through heritage.  It cannot be transferred by any earthly last will and testament.  I believe the results of being born into a family chosen by God through heritage, is seen in the nation of Israel.  When they weren’t chasing after the gods of the surrounding nations and whoring themselves at their altars, they believed they were above all other peoples.  If the Old Testament is read closely one can almost see the sense of entitlement Israel had because they were a nation chosen by God to be the conduit of His revelation of Himself to His creation.  We see sin of pride coming to a head by Jesus’ time in Israel.

Now the torch has been passed to the church.  We were orphans but we were not abandoned.  We chose to be orphaned and on our own. But our God is faithful.  He did not abandon us.  He did not turn His back on us when turned ours to Him.  He remained loyal to man, created in His own image, while we were stabbing Him in the backside of His glory.  We have forgotten that we have been adopted, not born, into the Kingdom of God. Some, who have been adopted, have taken on an air of entitlement.  When we are not worshipping the gods of this world and whoring at their altars, we are demanding that God meet our materialistic desires.  We want, no, not want, deserve to be rich, here and now, with big mansions, nice cars and all the toys we can get.  It makes me wonder if we have learned anything from reading the history of Israel.  Can we really live how we want and expect God to still bless us in return?

I am guilty of this.  I wanted part of my heavenly inheritance now.  I remembered, or was reminded by the Spirit, that I am adopted.  Whatever is my inheritance is given freely to me by God.  I did not earn it or was born into it.  But when I was reborn in the Spirit, God was gracious and adopted me as an heir.  I am undeserving and cannot earn anything I have been given by the Father.  Adoption is an incredible concept because I was chosen, by God, to be an heir with His true Son through Christ’s blood.  I pray that I never forget again.

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