February 13, 2015

So I bought the two recently released CDs from a Christian band. I liked the first one and my kids like it as well so I thought I would buy their next two. When I did a pre-screening, so to speak, of the discs I was more than disappointed. I did not like the music but figured my kids would. I listened to the more recent release and was thoroughly turned off by the lyrics. Most of the songs were about girls and were more secular, mainstream than Christian in their lyrics. I was hard pressed to find any song that referenced God at all. One song in particular discussed me the most. The setting is the guy bumps into a girl in a supermarket but doesn’t seem to talk to her. He follows her around checking out her physical attributes is the best way to describe it. The one line that got me in the chorus was one that said “I bet you would look good in my t-shirts.” It can mean her wearing the band’s concert shirts but I do not believe that is the implication behind the lyric. I believe it is more a reference to the morning after she spent the night, and the reason she would need the shirt is because she is naked. It is evident by the way the singer’s voice is seductive when he sings it. It is outright wrong for this to be on a “Christian” band’s CD or even on a Christian music label.
Now I may be accused of over reacting to the content. After all, it is only a song nut that is where it starts. It is in the entertainment media, music, books and movies, that we are assaulted by the world’s standards. The entertainment media is the most effective means to promote a laxity in standards. It is the gratuitous sex scene in the movie. The guy and girl hook up on the TV show, making it seem like an irresistible force, and one that should not be resisted because we are basically animals and are only following our instincts. It is the guy/girl singing descriptive words about someone’s body in the club and they want to take them home for the night. It is the book telling a love story and how marriage is not important or relevant to sexual intercourse, as long as love is there. It is all these and more. We may like the music of the song but the lyrics are questionable, but I like the music so I can listen to the song. The message of the song sinks in to one’s memory. Sooner or later the Tempter will be allowed to set up a situation to test our values and loyalty to God and that song, book, TV show or movie could be the weight that tips the scale the wrong way.
Sin is lurking at the door, waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of us. If we are filling our minds with secular media and the values they communicate then we are weakening our resistance to sin. The error we commit is that we believe it is only entertainment, but most of us are not able to leave it at that. The message is always received. The more we expose ourselves to the secular media the more our defenses are weakened. The more time we spend to it the more the likelihood we would excuse ourselves from spending time with our God. As a parent it is important to me to listen to or watch the media my kids will be exposed to and evaluate the content. It caused me stumble quite a bit when I was their age and I don’t want the same to happen to them. I know I can’t always be there but it is my responsibility and obligation to do as much as I can.
There is no gray area with God. There are no excuses or reasons that turn away His judgment or discipline. It is black and white. We will stumble and sin but we don’t need to make it easier for it to happen more often. Paul describes what the world teaches in the latter half of chapter 1 in Romans. And in chapter 12 he tells not to be conformed by this world. Our sinful nature wants to pull us away from God. We don’t to help it by filling our minds with the values the world teaches through the entertainment media. We are to be ever vigilant against Satan because Peter warns us that he is prowling the earth like lion waiting to attack those who are weak.

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