February 14, 2015

Saint Valentines Day, the day in the year associated with love. The day people show how much they love someone by buying flowers, jewelry, expensive dinners, chocolates, or whatever can be done to show how much you love the person who puts up with all your nonsense. It is the one day we truly express how we feel, and tell them that we would fight through although we should be doing it more often throughout the year. But I think it is the wrong day.

The day we should be celebrating real love is Easter, or the Jewish Passover. This is the day when all the world should commemorate the ultimate demonstration of love. This was the day when authentic love was portrayed for all of mankind to see. This is the day we should remember that the Son of God, the final Passover Lamb, the last sacrifice necessary for the sins all of people across all generations. This is the day that the Father showed us how much He loved us by providing a victory of the battle we all fight, a victory over death and a provision for eternal life.

We were not ever going to be able to meet His standards of perfect obedience, and therefore be able to abide in His presence which would be necessary if we were to spend any amount of time in His presence. The blood of animals was not enough to wash away our sins, it was only a temporary fix and a precursor for what was to come in the person of Jesus Christ. None have earned was freely given out of an inexhaustible reservoir of love for all of man throughout all of history. Valentine’s Day is a poor imitation, a cheap knockoff, of the one true day when we remember the One who loved us to death in order to give us life.

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