February 11, 2015

So, are you ready?  Do you have all the excuses, explanations and embellishing stories memorized?  Are you going through your index cards, memorizing all you have to say like you are preparing for a speech?  Did you gather evidence to support your excuse and setup at PowerPoint presentation?  Did line up witnesses to attest to the explanations that you are prepared to present?  Have you check and rechecked your facts, dotted all the i’s and crossed all your t’s?  Have you pressed your best outfit and are ready and confident to present your case?  I have bad news, you will not have a chance to say a word when you are before the Judge.

The issue is that people like dealing in grays.  We do our best to smudge and smear all the lines that separate the black and white of God’s truth.  We come up with exceptions and plausible explanations as to why we did not have to adhere to one or more of the Father’s statutes.  We simply feel that His rules are just too rigid, too staid, not enough flexibility to suit us, so we take matters into our own hands to add a little gray to a black and white world.  We are so sadly mistaken, so blind, so gullible to our self deceptions and so wound up in our own excuses that we are convinced that the explanations we provide when we state our case will be enough to sway the perfect Judge we stand before.

Jesus will judge with a just and righteous judgment.  When we are before His perfection and Holiness, anything we think we can prepare to say will fade away into nothing.  Perhaps they will point the way to hell for some of us.  There are really two things we all will be held accountable for in the Day of Judgment, have we been able to live up to the standard that the Father had set, and if we hadn’t (which none will, trust me) then did we believe in the One sent by the Father to be the standard bearer of our justification before His Father.  If you have not done the latter and are waiting for the perfect moment, then this moment is the perfect moment, and it won’t get anymore perfecter.  Otherwise, prepare for utter darkness and eternal pain because that would be your destiny.

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