February 10, 2015

On a Sunday morning while I was working I called home during at break to make sure my kids were behaving.  My oldest got on the phone to tell me that my wife said she was lazy.  While she is telling me this she is upset and crying.  So I told her she is upset because it is more or less true.  She has to be told to brush her hair, brush her teeth, and reminded to pick up after herself and do her chores.  Mostly it is more than once because if you are not on top of her to make sure she does it she will remain on the couch watching TV.  She was upset because she could not handle a true statement about herself.

We always say we want the truth.  We always want to believe that we can handle the truth.  Oddly enough we cannot handle the truth most of the time.  In most situations we are more willing accept a lie to cover up the truth because life can keep moving on.  We tell lies because most of the time it is easier than telling the truth.  It is easier to hear the lie.  We are willing to forgive lie after lie and walk away when the truth is learned.  The truth can be brutal to hear.  How many times have we kept the lie going, and it is when we finally tell the truth that the relationship changes.  Why is easier to continue to accept the lie and when the truth comes it is unbearable?  Just as it is easier for fallen man to tell a lie it is just as easy to accept a lie.

The truth is painful.  It is certainly not something we like hearing.  But the problem for us is that God only deals in truth.  Jesus said the Father can only be worshipped by those who worship Him in spirit and truth.  We cannot handle the truth about our condition of sin, and in the light of God’s glory and truth, the truth about ourselves is exposed.  We want to believe the lies the world tells us about God and alternate stories of our existence, but those lies will be exposed and will fall away in the light of God’s truth.  The truth of God is a two-edged sword that cuts when we speak it and when we hear it.  We cannot lie before the Great White Throne of Judgment.

We need to embrace the truth.  We need to be more truthful in our speaking and we need to be more willing to accept truth.  The truth that will set us free is the truth exposes the lies.  But we must let go of the lie we use to cover our sin if we ever want to experience the God’s truth.  When we give up the lies and embrace His truth, freedom reigns.

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