Falling down

I feel for Pastor Tullian Tchividjian and his recent problems. I cannot fathom the depth of his emotional turmoil because I did not catch my ex-wife cheating on me. She told me after we had already decided to end the marriage. I can sympathize with the divorce. I have been through one, as I have just mentioned. He will now have the difficult battle with the custody of their children and division of assets. And the worst part is his relationship with his kids will become a little awkward at times. And I will pray for him as his life is coming apart at the seams. But there are a few things I find a little puzzling about some of the facts about the story and the reporting that I have read. In almost every article and/or headline he always referred to as Billy Graham’s grandson. How is that fact relevant beyond the first reporting of the incident? It seems that that fact has to be noted several times in the article, several times. Not once but at least three times the author has to mention that Tullian is Billy Graham’s grandson. Does the sin of the grandson impact the grandfather in any way? Are we smearing Billy Graham’s name for the sake of gaining headlines? What is the point of always referring to Tullian in that way? Now the other item of note the articles mention is that he is a pastor of a megachurch. Now this commentary goes to other pastors of megachurches. Why does it matter? I don’t get the prestige of a megachurch. I do understand, however, the need of all media types to disparage the topic of their article. This is the problem with the information overload we experience in our culture. It honestly bothers me that we feed this secret desire to read the latest gossip, and I am guilty of it. I don’t like reading about anyone failing and falling victim to the flesh but it happens, and we all should just drop the stones we carry in the pouch on our belt just waiting to hurl them at the next Christian celebrity to fall. Now the last comment may seem like I am hurling a stone but it is more that I am questioning Pastor Tullian’s judgment on the person he chose to be his confidante. It is always wrong for a man to confide in a woman (and a woman should not have a male confidante) about problems of the heart he has with another woman. The female confidante is going to be on the side of her friend, and it is just not a good setting for talking because she going to tell her male friend what a great guy he is and then emotions get all muddled and confused, and we have now what is going on in Pastor Tullian’s failed marriage. I don’t know how Pastor Tullian will do but searching for God is always the right path. Looking vertical is always a better choice that looking horizontal.

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