dreamers of dreams

These false teachers and false prophets are something else.  Their motives are easy to figure out, they want money and they want that money from the suckers who are willing to give it to them.  Where they get their, well, I am not sure one could call doctrine or theology.  Maybe it would be best to call them “fleecing points” or something because they are not teachings from God or the bible, God’s inspired written word, His revelation of Himself to His creation.  So their teachings are more based on wild interpretations of bible verses violently ripped out of context to support some idea they are using to get rich.  Easy to understand.

They love to talk about dreams.  In these dreams God reveals to them some catastrophic event that is going to happen in the immediate future.  We all must be prepared because there are some signs that only have been able to decipher because God gave to them the only key to understanding them.  We are all to listen to them and perhaps send them some money so they can share that secret.  They seem to be able to spend thirty minutes talking about the dream without really giving any details.  They can go around in circles of dialogue talking about how God revealed to them in a dream that woke them up in a cold sweat.  These dreams sound so fantastical and frightening that we must send them some seed money so that we can avoid being caught up in the horrible event that is soon to come.

It sounds like they get the basis of their teaching, I cannot call it theology because its basis is not found in the Almighty, from Willy Wonka.  In the movie, Willy Wonka leads the group into part of his factory and he has this quote, “We are the muscimakers, we are the dreamers of dreams.”  It seems that these false teachers have latched onto the “dreamers of dreams” part, especially the “we” part because they usually take credit for everything except the God part.  They all claim and impress on us that God has chosen them to share this message and they only can help.  We must believe in the messenger to avert certain disaster, not the One who gave the message.

Now, they were other people in the bible who interpreted dreams.  Joseph interpreted revealed his dreams to his brothers who immediately knew the interpretation.  But Joseph also interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s servants and eventually the dreams of Pharaoh which saved the nation of Egypt from famine.  Daniel not only interpreted the dream of Nebuchadnezzar but was revealed the actual details of the dream.  Daniel also had dreams of the future events of Israel and the coming of God’s final judgment.  Daniel and Joseph did not take credit for what happened, they gave the glory to God and diverted the attention from them towards God, understanding that He is the Giver of all things and they would not know anything if it was not revealed to them by God.

What a contrast Daniel and Joseph are compared to today’s false prophets and false teachers.  We should remember these two humble men of God when we hear people exclaiming about dreams of direct revelation from God.

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