Don’t be fooled, part 6

There is all this wonder and amazement at why the Left does not speak out against jihadists, and why they love Socialism and Communism.  It is really simple, so simple that this blog will be a short one.  They are envious of all of them.  All incorporate absolute power to the few who are in charge.  The Left wants absolute power over this country.  They put forth these dependency programs and call them programs of compassion.  They are tools for enslavement.  Get people dependent on the government handouts and then they can be controlled.  Is it much different than Pavlov’s dog?  Look at the chaos they enflame with race-baiting and their protests and all the other nonsense.  They ring the bell and all the same people talk about how much whites hate blacks on the talk shows and news shows and newspapers and any other outlet they can exploit.

They want chaos and violence and crowds out of control.  Is it too far to think that there exists a possibility that the reason why people are taught to distrust the police is get them to not respect them?  And if they don’t respect them, even hate them, they certainly will fight against them when the police show up to control a crowd.  And if that happens and it gets really out of hand, here comes the National Guard.

One day martial law will be called upon because people will be out of control and order will need to be reestablished.  And then the Left won’t be too far from their ultimate goal, absolute power.

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