Don’t be fooled, Part 5

Don’t be fooled by the GOP leadership.  They are keep putting borderline Democrats as presidential candidates.  They are telling us that these candidates, McCain, Romney, Bush, Dole and now Jeb Bush as viable candidates.  I have read some articles and I find that I agree with them.  If the RINOs don’t become more conservative in their platforms then they are going to lose the base that have continued to re-elect them over the past

The GOP leadership is conned again and again by the main stream media (MSM) and the Democratic leadership.  They don’t want to be bad-mouthed on national TV.  They don’t want to look bad in front of the country.  And why is that?  They want to be re-elected.  They are not any better than the Democrats.  They have been duped into believing that the government handout programs are necessary, and all they need is a Republican tweak in order to make them fiscally responsible and acceptable.

It is time to stop worrying about being re-elected.  It is time to stop paying attention to the MSM and Democratic leadership.  RINOs look more foolish when they cave before them then when they actually stick to their principles of conservative ideas.  In 2014, Ted Cruz and the Tea Party were smeared and eviscerated for the government shutdown.  That type of action needs to happen more often in a government.  It is time someone actually looked out for the interests of the people they claim to represent but only care about maintaining their office.

I hope one day that the Tea Party will take over the Establishment of the GOP.  For too long the GOP has been reactionary and not proactive.  Too long they have allowed the Left to lead them around by the nose.  Too long they have been intimidated by the MSM who are fed by the Left.  I know someone who was born with severe scoliosis.  During his early childhood, after a series of operations, the doctors fused iron bars to either side of his spine, to strengthen it during his life.  I believe the GOP leaders need the same type of operation.

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