Don’t be fooled, Part 4

But what puzzles me the most is that these people are willing to give up their freedom.  These bureaucratic programs disguised as forms of government compassion take away our freedom as taxpayers and impede the freedom of those they are supposed to benefit.  Taxpayers are unable to be free to spend as they wish because the government is taking more money from them.  The recipients  of these benefits are trapped in a cycle of government dependence, unable to improve their situation because they are blinded by their government stipend and given no incentive to excel.

And they oppose acts by the government that would protect our freedom by exposing those who hate our freedom and seek to destroy it.  They believe that by targeting the people who may have ties to terrorist organizations, and probably do in most cases, we cannot do it.   That government intrusion is not right, but entirely wrong.  Government intrusion into my paycheck is perfectly acceptable but protecting my freedom to spend what is left by apprehending and stopping potential terrorists is wrong?  That’s messed up.

These beatniks have a twisted perspective of freedom.  It is their instinct to fight against anything that comes from God.  As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, our freedom is a God-given right, not a government privilege.  The government’s sole purpose is protect our freedom.  Protect it from enemies within and from without.  The Left believes in their ability to decide for the rest of us what is best for us.  They believe they can act as gods.  They believe that they are the new Pantheon of gods relocated from Mount Olympus to the Washington D.C.

Their goal, as I have stated before, is enslavement of the rest of us in their programs of compassion which will lead into their fantasy, absolute power because we gave it to them.

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