Don’t be fooled, Part 3

I have a friend who lives in Chicago.  One time on Facebook, we had a series of postings that turned political.  After a time, he asked us to stop without explaining why.  He was there when Chicago political machine vaulted Obama into the Senate and then into the oval office.  It seems he got sucked into the liberal vortex of the government is a vehicle for compassionate bureaucracy.  Another oxymoron.

Recently he had a post about the defeat of a bill.  This bill would have allowed police to monitor electronic communications of people suspected of potential terrorist activity.  I am sure that in order to get approval for such an action against a person the authorities would need substantial proof, not because they don’t like the way the person dresses.  He opposed the bill because he believed it infringed on a person’s privacy and freedom.  I believe it would have been a good bill because the cost of person’s freedom is worth the cost of hundreds, potentially thousands, of other people’s freedom.

The Left opposes actions that monitor private communication.  They don’t want Big Brother looking over their shoulder.  They are the ones sitting in the corner writing “I hate Big Brother” while a book on Karl Marx is next to them.  Marx would have embraced the idea of Big Brother.  Communism encourages people to snitch on those who dare to oppose Big Brother.  But I digress.

My point is that all these laws the Left has imposed on us, Affordable Care Act, The Great Society, War on Poverty and all the regulations the EPA impose on corporations and manufacturers to protect the earth from “climate change”, all infringe on our freedoms.  All of these are mandatory taxes that we are penalized if we do not pay them.  We do not have the freedom to not pay the Medicare, Social Security and now ACA taxes.  We have to pay them or the IRS will come knock on our door.  They tell us that all of these are for are good but they are only meant to give them more tax money (so they can vote to give themselves a raise) and limit our ability to express our freedom.

Isn’t the reason why the Colonials started the Revolutionary War was because of the obscene amount of taxes levied on them by the British crown?

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