Don’t be fooled, Part 2

What is the type of power the progressive Left wants?  A dictatorship or something similar to communist Russia.  They are Marxists at heart and beliefs.  They don’t necessarily believe the established ruling system is bad.  They only say that it is bad because they are not in power.  It is only bad because they are pulling the strings.

Marx teaches that a revolution must occur.  His preferred method is through violence and scathing rhetoric towards those in power, with acts of violence used to accentuate their position.  It has always been the tactics of communism.  It has happened in Russia, China, Cuba and almost anywhere you see a single dictator ruling over a country with pointless elections where the dictator is always voted to remain in power by 100% of the voters.

In United States, it has been done differently.  The Left has little by little incorporated their ideas into the law of the country.  Income tax, Social Security, welfare, Medicare/Medicaid, and now Obamacare, are government bureaucracies designed to control certain parts of the population.  Usually it is those who desperately need the monetary handouts in order to get by.  There has been little violence to their progression of liberal policies, up until now.

In recent events the Left has been stirring up their constituency, the minorities.  They play the race card which works every single time.  They start preaching white hate against oppressed blacks, working people up into a lather, stoking the flames of perceived injustice.  Evidence and truth do not matter to the Left, only that they are provoking anarchy and chaos.  They want the riots and the violence.  The more the better.  If you watch the reporting, they don’t ever denounce the rioting and violence, they sensationalize it.

Their end game is unrest in the streets, where the respect for civil authority, the police, is non-existent.  The more this unrest and rioting and violence persists the better because it would bring them to the place they really want to be in, the desired situation for the country: a military presence controlled by the federal government and martial law.  That would be how they obtain absolute control.  It never takes long for them to call in the National Guard.  And the people who would feel the brunt of all this are the people they incensed into the rioting and violence.

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