These nationally known “bible teachers” are a big concern to me. They should be a big concern to anyone who professes to be a believer in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  It sickens me to hear them preach sermons that honor them and not the Lord.  It is horrific the way they change the purpose of the bible to talk about them and their audience instead of Who the bible is really about, Jesus.  They rip promises out of context, use verses for the purpose of affirmation, claim that they receive direct revelation from God but still feel the need to cite bible verses to support their “visions”.

What do my itching ears want to hear today? Do I want to be told I am special and I have to stop saying that I am not?  Do I want to be told that the ridiculous dream I have will be fulfilled by God if I just recite Joel Osteen’s mantra?  If I continue to speak towards a huge mansion will it become mine?  If I claim a promise of abundant wealth will I get a promotion I am not qualified for?

It is heartrending to hear the stench that passes as preaching in our church today. Why bother having bibles on the pulpit if they are not going to be used properly?  Why talk about God’s love if we are not willing to talk about His wrath?  The swine are trying to trample on the pearly gates but they are not able to gain a foothold.  Instead they trample on the suckers and fools that buy into their empty promises.  When a blind man leads another blind man they both fall into the pit.

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