Dear Jesus,

I have been listening to the bible while I drive to and from work, which you probably already know.  Recently I had listened to the Book of Daniel.  I am humbled.  But even more I am sorely disappointed in myself.  But I also wonder how many other people like me are in the church.  Daniel fasted for 21 days.  21 days.  I have a difficult time fasting for 24 hours.

I feel I have a lack of discipline in my life.  I can’t pray for more than ten minutes and my mind starts to wander.  I hear people talk about spending all night, gripping the horns of the altar, praying for something, anything.  Have I found anything worth a night of sleeplessness because I had to pray?  Do I think my Heavenly Father is worthy of my time?

Sometimes I wonder if I am worthy to be called your fellow heir.  I don’t communicate with you as often I should.  And when I does not seem as important to me.  I hear people talk about finding your own way to talk to God, but I feel like it is a cop out.  I lack discipline, and I pray I could have the discipline of Daniel.  It takes absolute reverence and humility before you in order to be that way.  How long until I can achieve it?

Help me, please,


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