Defending the freedom to think for oneself

I have been reading some articles recently.  Some had to do with speaking out against same-sex marriages, and another one I read today had to do with the effects of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.  I disagree with both the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriages and the legalization of marijuana.  If people of the same sex want to get married then let them, but don’t call it marriage.  God’s definitiion of marriage, one man and one woman witnessed before Him, still stands despite what any court or government legislates.  If people want to smoke marijuana and get high, then let them, but don’t tell me it’s the “safe” drug without addictive qualities.  It is a tobacco and we already know the harmful side effects of smoking tobacco, and habitual smokers aren’t the most ambitious people.

What I really wanted to talk about were the comments that people wrote in response to the article.  I am tired of people in favor of same-sex saying if they love each other then it must right.  If it was wrong then they couldn’t possible love each other or it would feel wrong.  Perhaps the fact that those who support same-sex “marriages” are militant, abrasive and intolerant towards those who oppose their point of view is really their way of ackowledging and expressing that deep down they know it is wrong but they want to be right.  It’s the same thing over and over, a parody of the Sixties, you know, if it fees good then if must be groovy and far out to indulge. 

Same thing with marijuana, someone asking why their isn’t a sister article condemning the abuse of alcohol.  Well, I’m sorry, but the effects of a person abusing alcohol and driving while intoxicated have been well documented long before marijuana became legalized so there is no point is discussing it further.  The reason why the article put a bad spin on recreational marijuana usage is because it had only recently become legalized and we are now able to gather some empirical data to make a statement of the success or failure of the action.  So, if bad things are happening because of the legalizization of marijuana then opponents have a right to point to the empirical data that supports their argument. 

The bottom line is people are always going to be on either side of an issue.  To be dismissive of the side that opposes same-sex unions or legalizing marijuana because they disagree is being shallow-minded and intolerant, and bordering on being opposed to the first amendment protection of free speech, which I am sure the pro side accused the con side of.  My thought is that our society and culture will continue to endorse and make almost any behavior legitimate, except the behavior that stands firm on the truth of the bible and remains unwavering in defending that truth.

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