December 29, 2014

I had a dream once, some time ago when I was younger.  In the dream I had a house.  The rooms of the house were nice and neat in appearance.  The furniture was not top of the line but not cheap either, and it was in good shape.  I had a nice kitchen with plenty of space and good appliances.  The bedrooms were kept clean, the beds made and the clothes where they belonged.  The tools in the garage were in their place on the wall.  The lawn mower and snow blower were parked in their spots, out of the way.

The attic and basement were a different story.  They were filled with clutter and useless junk.  It looked disorganized but I knew where everything was if I had to find it.  There were items in there that I should have tossed out long ago, but I kept them because they were tied to things I did not want to let go.  I thought they were things I needed and were forever apart of me.  I believed I would miss them, and wouldn’t be the same without them around.  I cherished them despite the fact that having them around hindered me.

One day I was cleaning my house when the doorbell rang.  I got to the door, and was surprised when I saw the person who waiting there.  It was Jesus.  He had come by to visit me and see how I was doing.

I let Him in and showed Him all around the house.  I showed Him the clean and nicely appointed living room.  Then I showed Him the den, family room, the bedrooms and the kitchen.  All of the rooms were clean and orderly by all appearances.  The last room I showed Him was the kitchen.

As we were sitting at the table He said to me, “Your house seems very nice and clean.  But what’s behind the two doors you didn’t open, that one over there and the one upstairs?”

“Oh, nothing much,” I answered.  “Just some dusty old relics I keep around and out of sight because they don’t fit in with the rest of the house.  I can’t seem to get myself to throw them away.  You don’t need to bother Yourself with them.  I like having them around in case I want reminisce and get lost in memories.”

“I’d like to see them.  Please show them to Me and I will help you dispose of things you don’t need,” He replied.

“No, thank You, that’s quite alright.  All that stuff is dirty, dusty and not much to look at.  I’ll deal with the junk when I think I have time to spare.”

He looked at me, stood up, rolled up His sleeves, and said, “You do not need that useless junk in your attic or your basement.  I am going to remove all of them from your house, one by one.  You will see each item go and you will understand why I did it.  You cannot accept what I want to give to you with this useless junk cluttering up your space.  You have to let go and move on.  I can’t use you if you are unwilling to depart from this junk.”

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