December 28, 2014

The formula for getting ahead in society: be successful, which leads to money, which leads to connections, which leads to more money, which leads to power and influence.  Power is the one thing in this world that is as intoxicating and addictive as any drug.  It seems to be a thrill when national leaders are waiting on your call and you can influence decisions concerning government policy.  Your phone call goes straight through to the leader of this nation.  The stock market seems to wait for you to make business decisions and announce your next business deal and transaction.  The world is at your fingertips and there seems to be nothing that can knock you off the top.  You have power and all that comes with it.

But, unfortunately, there have been others that have come before you with the same type of power and influence you have.  The same thing will happen to you that happened to them.  You will die, and your power and influence will be buried in your casket with you.  You will have strived and worked and will end up like everyone else.  You will be buried in a pretty box by yourself.  No power attained during your lifetime can help you now.

Two thousand years ago someone was born.  He was born into poverty to parents who were humble and willing to serve.  The sacrifice for his temple dedication was what was available to those who could not afford the proper sacrifice of a bull or a ram.  He lived in a small town, presumably learning his father’s trade as he grew.  When he reached the age of majority, he followed his true calling, the true purpose for his being born into this world.  He came to do what all of us are not willing to face: our death.

But die he did.  And when he died he became what we desire in life, the most powerful person ever to be born.  Unlike us, he did not come into his power until he died.  He did have power when he was here on earth because he did many miracles and healings while he was here.  But the power he had before his death does not compare to the power he received after his death.  His name is Jesus.  He is the most powerful man ever to be born of a woman.  What makes him the most powerful man is that he is still changing the world after his death.  We can read about other people but that is history.  Jesus is still writing his story through those who have His spirit living within them because after he died he was resurrected, alive again, so that we, too, can have victory over death.

Life is not truly lived until after we have died.  Not until after we have died to ourselves and have physically died.  And when we have that second life we will know true power when we see our Savior face to face, power that cannot be duplicated here.  That power exists only during this temporal life and will avail us naught when we die.  The power we receive in Christ lasts for all eternity.

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