December 27, 2014

The church has not been immune to chasing fame and the fortune that comes with it.  Where the church has mostly fallen victim is the arena of sports for their kids.  They take their kids to games or weekend tournaments and skip the Sunday worship.  Making sure they are attending their soccer championship is of greater importance than making sure they are attending a worship service.  We are raising a generation of children who are being taught that God can always come later because He is always around, your opportunity to excel in sports or anything else will not.  Is there a possibility of a healthy balance?  I would have to say there is not because most times when there is a schedule conflict, God always loses out.  In and of themselves these are not wrong.  They become wrong when they take priority over the One we say we adore.

When the world looks at us they see people who do much the same as they do but the major difference we attend church when we can.  We have become career driven and financial security worrying church-goers.  We focus more energy on our temporal retirement security instead of our eternal surety in Jesus Christ.  Again, this is not a wrong thing to do but when we are working eighty hours a week to save for retirement but our eighty minutes with God happens only on Sunday mornings.  We forget the teaching of the parable of the rich fool.

As a church we have wandered away from the deeper truths of God.  We only scratch the surface of the vast knowledge of God.  We are cheating and depriving ourselves of a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the Father.  We tend to focus on the benefits we receive, His mercy, grace, love, compassion, and neglect to actually teach and study about Him.  While it is true those are part of His nature they are not His only attributes.  The cause and effect of this is that we have started to become more like the world and less like Christ.

Who we are as followers of Christ is not found in popularity and showers of praise and attention from society.  Our identity should not be found anywhere in the culture we live in.  We should be one with Christ.  When the world looks at us they should see how the cross is the difference for us and is making a difference to us.  They should see Christ.

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