December 24, 2014

In our justice and court system a defense lawyer only has to create enough reasonable doubt in the jury in regards to the facts of the case to get an acquittal.  The defense does not need to prove that the defendant did not do the crime or prove that someone else did it.  They just need to blur the facts just enough so the jury cannot come to a unanimous decision of “guilty”.  The similarity between that and Satan’s methods in confusing the facts presented by God is ironic.

Satan does not need to convince us there is an alternative to special creation by God.  He does not need to have demonstrative proof or credible data to support the assertion of any alternate explanation of our existence.  He just needs to convince enough people to take up the cause of atheism, and influence their thinking and writing so that it is taken up by others.  He does not need to prove it at all.  He just needs to create enough doubt in us about the revelation of God through the bible to sometimes accept secular teaching, and try to reconcile secular theories with the historical account written in the bible.

What God has had written in the bible through men can be accepted as a literal account and historical fact.  What has been written has been proven through archaeology and other sciences.  For example, for the longest time the bible was the only written record for the existence of the Philistines.  Archaeologists did not find any evidence for their existence outside of the bible until recently, within the last century or so.  Satan is the original mudslinger.  He will keep hurling gobs of mud and manure until the water of truth is so muddled that we cannot see our hand just beneath the surface.

We are always talking about having in the providence of God, usually referring to future events.  We need to remember and have faith that that same providence was true in past events.  We cannot be sure His providence will be true for future things and question His past providence as possibly untrue, or there exists an alternative explanation.  We must be consistent in our faith because He is immutable, He never changes and therefore is always consistent.

We will never understand everything concerning God and His actions concerning men, but we certainly can understand that Satan is out to confuse us concerning God’s truth and we must be ever vigilant against his attacks.  Do not let the evil one undermine the foundation of God’s truth found in His written word and on His Son who is the fulfillment of all things.  We must arm ourselves and put on the armor of God, as Paul told the Galatians, and be able to stand on God’s truth.  We cannot do it on our own, only the power of Christ’s Spirit can enable us to endure to the end.


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