December 21, 2014

Am I ready for revival?  This is something that requires serious contemplation.  Am I willing to turn away from how I live and return to my first love?  Am I willing to remember the time on the mountain, how exulted and rejuvenated I felt?  Or will I remember the times in the valley, when I had to slug my way through what life was throwing at me, every step was agony, and I felt His presence, quiet and reassuring?  Or will I continue to walk on this plateau, believing all is well with my relationship with God?

Revival is different.  It is fundamental change to how I think, feel, speak, and act, as well as a change to the motivation behind them all.  All thought of me is forgotten as my desire and passion for Christ consumes me.  It is more than a passing phase in my life.  It should become my way of life.  True revival is about that seed that was thrown in the good soil by the Sower that takes root and bears a perpetual bounty of fruit.  Am I the good soil?  Will the seed of revival take root?  Sometimes I feel like the rocky soil, where there seed sprouts but there is no depth for the roots to take hold.  Other times I feel like the seed thrown among the weeks and the world chokes me. 

Am I ready to for revival?  It is not something that can be learned in correspondence.  It either happens or it doesn’t.  It comes suddenly or not at all.  It is not gradual.  It is spiritual club to the whole body that breaks us out of what we are stuck in.  It is that sermon that moves people.  It is that group that meets to pray and study the bible.  It is something shakes up our world, pulls us out of the quagmire of complacency, and tells us that “you’re living for God now.”

So why do I resist?  Why do I find myself reluctant to embrace it?  Why am I so afraid of the power of God that I would rather view it from a distance than experience it fully?  I know He’s there and He wants move in and through me in a powerful way but I keep resisting.  I keep holding desperately to my delusion of autonomy when my Lord is calling me to do great things.  I need to let go and that what revival means to me.  It is just a matter not being afraid of the power of God and allowing His Spirit to work in me.

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