On the radio and television there are a lot of “preachers” claiming that they heard a prophecy or a special revelation from God. They talk about how they had visions like Peter on the rooftop in Acts, how God had showed through a dream how He had some prophetic message that they needed to proclaim to the world and that that particular preacher was going to be the special messenger to deliver that message.  These words were delivered just for them so that the words can be delivered just to their audience.  And they must put the right amount of enthusiasm into their delivery and the right amount of monetary donation I required so their audience can avoid the dire predictions.

There are some who are a lot more subtle in their messages. It difficult to believe if they truly know they are deceiving people or if they had bought into the lie themselves and have figured out how not to sound like a salesman.  They figured out how to articulate their message with the perfect inflection of emotion and the correct wording so as to be able to give the impression that they received a “word impresses upon their hearts” from the Spirit that they had to share, a word to bind people again to the Mosaic Law through 10% tithing and good works to the community.  They are so earnest and on the verge of tears as they make dramatic pauses and emotional appeals to commit to their special vision from God.

What I find peculiar is that, if these are special revelations from God, why do they need to appeal to bible verses to support their “visions”? If the claim is true that they received a direct revelation from God then would that not be considered equal to the authority of scripture?  They sure do give the impression that not buying into what they are selling is like directly disobeying the Almighty God.  So they quote scripture to support their supposed visions in order to subvert God’s authority as their own.  They believe they can convince us that they are the mouthpiece of God in the modern era and we must listen to them.

Anyone who says they are followers of Jesus Christ, claim that He is their Lord and Savior and that He rules from the right hand of the Father, must not be deceived by these charlatans. We must be thorough in our knowledge of God’s Word and what the Word teaches us.  We must be proficient in doctrine so we can recognize obvious and subtle errors and heretical teachings.  We must be vigilant and not let our ears be tickled by sermons that make us feel good inside and do not remind us of our sin and rebellion against our Creator.  Anyone who directs away from that perspective, that we are only found in Christ and His resurrection, that person we must contend with and say they are wrong.

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