concerned confusion

Dear Jesus,

I have been in a state of confusion for a while now, as you may know. I am reading material and criticisms of movements within the evangelical church. I have listened to people, and read accounts from people, regarding hearing the voice of your Spirit. I hear some people say that they can actually hear You speak, like a whisper in their ear. I hear of some people who say that they hear you clearly, as if you are sitting with them at their kitchen table. I hear people speak of angelic tongues, prayer tongues and prophetic tongues. I hear people claim to be prophets and apostles and healers. I want to believe that it is possible that you could still do those things if you chose to, but the cynic in me knows all too well the mind of man and his will to deceive other people for personal gain, or just because he likes to fool people.

And I read those who are concerned about the abuses of those who purport that the charismatic gifts of the Spirit are here and active today. The word of God, the bible, is the only valid source of revelation today. God does not use supernatural signs and wonders and miracles today to support His gospel. We do not need any new revelation because the bible is sufficient inspiration today.

I agree with the second group of people, Lord Jesus. The reason why I agree with them is because Paul and Peter write that the bible is the final written authority, and what the apostles taught. And John writes the warning at the end of the Book of Revelations about adding or subtracting from the book. Now, some can argue that John is only talking about the Book of Revelations, but the possibility exists that he knew, through the Spirit, that Revelations would be the last book to be included in the bible.

In all honesty, I would like to think that there are some places that you intercede in a supernatural way. I would also be certain that none of those places would be on a stage with bright lights in front of an audience. When you walked the earth, Jesus, you always managed to do most of your miracles away from the crowds. You did not seek out acclaim, and neither did your disciples. Why should we seek to exploit the Spirit for personal gain?

I guess my confusion lays in guidance and inspiration. We know that preachers and teachers are inspired in regards to a topic. And choosing to become a pastor some have referred to as answering the call by God. I just hope someone could provide some clarity as to what is biblical in regards to communicating with you. Will the Spirit ever move like a mighty wind again? Can we feel His presence in an assembly or small group?

I love you,


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