Come as you truly are

In the church I attend they call out to any non-Christians/unbelievers/seekers who may be attending by telling that God wants to come as you are. Don’t think that you’re not ready, that you’re not clean enough, that you’re not good enough or that you have to make improvements in your life before you will be ready to come to Jesus. They tell all of us (because even Christians need to come as we are at times) to not worry about your current state of yourself or the sins we may still be carrying. Jesus wants you come as you are.

On the surface it is true but there is more to it. I do not think it is enough to come as you are. That could be interpreted as I could come as I am and leave the same way. I could go to the cross, make no commitment to change any behavior contradictory to the commands of the bible, believe I am forgiven, and continue on with living a sinful life. This is a byproduct of forgetting about why we need Jesus, the Bearer of our iniquity, the Sufferer of our rightful wrath from His own Father, the Redeemer of our souls as He rose from the grave the Conqueror of Death and the Giver of life. We need to understand why we need Jesus in the first place.

We have changed the focus of the gospel. We refrain from calling non-Christians sinners because it leaves a nasty taste in their mouths. We don’t want to offend because then our numbers regarding those who have turned to Christ would not be as high. We mention sins the sinner’s prayer but we do not say much beyond that. We need to acknowledge that we see ourselves as the Father sees us: dirty, corrupt, rebellious and stubborn and worthy of Hell and His judgment. When we see who we are in comparison to who the Father is in His holiness our hearts should break and we should be repentant and be begging for forgiveness.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died for our sins because it was necessary for us to be washed in His shed blood so we could appear before His Father clean and white as snow. Before that can happen we must be able to see that we are sinners, desperate for salvation and redemption before His Father. When we can see ourselves in the that light, the light that the Father shines on our souls, then we will truly be going to Him as we are.

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