climate change and the Pope

The Pope released an encyclical about Climate Change and apparently how we, who call ourselves follower of Jesus, should respond to this topic. In his encyclical Pope Francis says we are to be responsible stewards of the earth as God had given to man the safekeeping of the planet. We are to have concern and should be active in keeping the planet clean. The Pope says it so it must be true. After all, he is infallible, if you can believe that a man or any man can be infallible, but that’s a discussion for another day.

I agree with the Pope only so far as we shouldn’t allow toxins to be dumped indiscriminately into any type of water source or buried in barrels in the ground. That is not obeying God’s command for us to be stewards of His creation. That is all I agree with, that is if the Pope was also buying into the nonsense of carbon emissions and harmful gasses and that fossil fuels are bad. I don’t buy into that hype and scare tactics.

I have to believe in the infinite ability of the God I serve and worship. I have to believe that He foresaw that the population would be over 7 billion people and that the 7 billion people would emit a lot chemical emissions in order to sustain their existence. I mean, why are there so many trees and plants in creation? What is their primary function but to turn our carbon emissions back into oxygen? The scare campaign behind climate change is backed faulty data that only accept projected weather models that support their presupposed conclusion. They only take “facts” that support their position and it doesn’t matter if the scientific process was legit or not.

What possible motivation could someone have to tell other people that if we don’t change over to “renewable” energy sources then our planet will self-destruct in 30, 40, 50 or you pick a number years? What is the motivation behind all these schemes? Money and power. They don’t care about the planet because they fly private jets to all of their soapboxes as they pound their pulpits telling us that we need to stop breathing out carbon compounds.

We as Christians need to be shrewd as serpents and meek as lambs, and trust in an Almighty God who is in control of all things. Should we be too concerned about a planet that will be completely and utterly destroyed for the Glory of God so that He create a new heaven and a new earth for His children? Yes, don’t litter or deliberately dump toxic waste irresponsibly, we need to mindful of these things. But we don’t need to buy into the desperate need to convert to renewable energy because Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio tell me to or the earth will die.

My Lord and God knows all things and never loses control or site of His people or His creation. Trust in His omnipotence.

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