Casual attitude

The casualness of the modern Christian, has it become an epidemic? Have we focused on the grace, mercy, love, kindness, patience and peace of our Lord so much so that we forgot why we need them in the first place? Have we lost sight of the fact that we need these attributes of God shared with because we are sinners? The other side of these attributes is His condemnation, judgment, punishment and eternal separation from His presence, all of which exude from the same source: our Heavenly Father’s holiness. He cannot separate one set from the other because they are all a part of His essence. It would be impossible because God is simple in His nature and He cannot be double-minded.

But I am double-minded. I am always compromising for the sake of my own reasons. I am more consistent in making excuses for disregarding the standards and statutes of my Lord than I am at obeying His word. I am certainly not always showing Him that I love by keeping His commands. I am like a tax accountant and tax lawyer, always looking for that loophole through which I can jump so I can indulge the flesh. Don’t we always talk about people but sometimes we disguise it as being concerned with whatever is going on and we want to know what to pray for, but what we really want to do is gossip? Or we watch a TV show with occasional scenes that would seriously be considered inappropriate but we excuse it because we like the show? I mean, there a lot of shows on TV that are really well written and are enjoyable to watch but would we invite Peter, John or Paul over to watch them with us?

We live a world that is more than fifty shades of gray. We live in a very gray world I every sense of the word, gray as in a dismal and miserable place at times, and gray in that we blur the lines between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. When I read the bible I read a lot of black and white decrees from God and then a lot of attempts by Israel to smudge those lines so as to justify their actions. We cannot be casual about our attitude towards what our Lord expects. We must take them as seriously as He does and expects us to. He is not going to fool around on Judgment Day, and there certainly will not be any wiggle room in regards to our actions.

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