Benny Hinn’s hysterical show of blasphemy

I am trying to figure out who Benny Hinn thinks he is.  I was watching one of his shows and it was kinda pathetic.  He was on a stage in a custom tailored suit.  As I think about it I wonder if it supposed to look like something the people in Jesus time would wear.  It was long and looked more like a frock fastened in the front.  Anyway, it was quite a show that he put on I must say.

At first I was not sure if he was giving a sermon.  He would walk to the podium where he apparently had a bible opened to the gospel of John.  He would walk over and say some summary statement of the chapter.  It was really the worst sermon I had ever witnessed, and I have nodded in some sermons.  Seriously, all he did was turn a page, say a short sentence and wander away, all the while the music was playing with singers singing some song.  I had a difficult time understanding what was supposed to be going on.

Then the real show began.  He called people up to receive their “healing” because he allegedly felt the Spirit move in the auditorium.  So people would come up with some type of ailment, usually a physical ailment and they are in the process of being healed.  Then he would lay his hands on them and they would fall backwards into the arms of the catchers.  Then would gesture for the catchers to pick them up and he would do it again, sometimes repeating it four times.  In between “slayings”, he would join the singers and sing along with them.  Then he would gesture for the next one to come up.  It was surreal and a little bizarre.

I have watched hidden camera footage that demonstrated that he is a fraud and all he is hype and showmanship, a snake-oil salesman.  And the people are so desperate to be healed that they are willing to wait in line to be touched by Benny.  What about those who are in the wheelchair with real physical issues and people with internal issues?  Where is the hope and help they came to receive?  They are ignored and pushed to the side because they would tarnish the image of Benny Hinn, the God-sent healer to the masses, for a small fee.

Well, I don’t remember anyone that Jesus healed receiving progressive healing.  All the people he healed were healed instantly and did not need physical therapy.  Their recovery was instantaneous and evident.  He did not advertise nor did He call attention to what He was doing.  He instructed the healed to not tell anyone but to offer the proper sacrifice required by the Law of Moses.  The same was true with the apostles because Peter rebuked Simon the Sorcerer for trying to purchase the ability of the apostles.

All the gifts of God are freely given to us.  We are forgiven, endowed with the faith to believe and receive mercy and grace, and we are to live in thanksgiving and grace towards others.  What Benny Hinn and others like him are doing is blasphemous.  I believe they are extorting people all in the name of false promises that God did not give.  It is blasphemous and completely wrong.  Even if they do actually heal anyone it does not matter because they are doing it for selfish gain and large bank accounts.  I pray for those who go to these shows, being duped by Benny Hinn, and leaving the same physical way they came.

The gospel is not about healing the body, it is about healing, no, reviving the soul from its stasis in death.

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