Actors in real life

Recently there has been a huge scandal in the news lately.  I’m sure when you read the rest of this you will know who I am referring to.  Allegedly, he had made some really bad decisions, decisions that could bankrupt him through civil suits and possible jail time if the statute of limitations has expires, back during the time he was portraying the ideal father on television.  He allegedly did some bad things that are kind of perverse and very wrong, if the allegations are true.

Now the character was a stand-up father, funny, hardly raised his voice at his children, was able to reason with them, so on and so forth.  He played the perfect father.  He handled his family like most fathers wish they could but kids are never that understanding in real life.  The family always seemed to figure it out at the end of the thirty minutes and every thing was fine until the next week.  He was one of the coolest fathers on television.

Now when we first heard about the allegations, I am sure we all thought the same thing, and pictured him as the father who had the ugly sweaters, but they were cool because he wore them.  There was no way that the allegations were true.  But we are picturing the wrong person.  We are picturing a fictional character, not a real person.  Off the screen, it seems he may have been a depraved pervert, allegedly.  It is a mistake we, as people who watch actors, always make.  We think of them in our favorite fictional character they played in front of the camera when they are more messed up than the people watching them on the screen.

We must remember that they are actors and who they are off the screen is probably the complete opposite of who they are in real life.  We should not be idolizing them for the characters they play.  They are people who are not any different than us who, more often than not, need to be famous, need the attention, whatever you may want to add to it.  They are people, sinners like the rest of us who need Jesus like the rest of us but believe they have found their savior in their fame.

We believe because they have achieved success that their lives are more fulfilling but in the end they just have more money to spend than we do.  And as they get older and the offers for the lead role start to dwindle, desperation will set in as they try maintain their status.  True fulfillment in life can only come when we give that life over to Jesus.  All this world has to offer is vanity and empty.  As the actor I alluded to above, he allegedly pursued fulfillment in his sexual perversities and it got him into a lot of trouble instead.

I wonder if he regrets his alleged actions today when he is alone.  But I am sure he is like most people, he probably regrets more that they went public than he does the alleged acts.

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